Sunday, 6 March 2016

I'm not so 'still' anymore

Yup. I’ve been quiet on the ol’ blogosphere for a while. Obviously. And have found the idea of blogging becoming increasingly distant from my mind.

So. What to do?

Well, I came up with two options.

Option one triggered convoluted feelings of guilt & duress. I thought that I could diarise times to attend to my blogging, & just darn well get on with sharing my breathtakingly engaging thoughts or commentaries. But, the thing is, I thought that if I needed to *make* time for it like that, if it wasn’t something that I felt was organic & in-the-moment, then I’d be compromising some of the pleasures that I’ve had coming in here from time to time. Also, I began questioning what I really wanted to share, what else there was that I felt was unsaid, or what I felt I needed from all you strange little bots that live here inside my backlit screen. 

Here's a picture of my cat.
It has nothing to do with this particular blog post.
Option one also made me think about taking my blog down altogether. Deleting it, & locking my experience here in the blogging world into the vaults of my own personal memories. But, like when you rub an eraser over pencil marks on a white page - I knew that there would be some residual imprint of this, me, having been here on the interwebs in this way. So, I’m keeping this page because I think that there’s good value in being ‘findable’ & I’d like to, if it’s possible, have a measure of control over what is ‘found’. Also, this blog has been good to me. It’s been a really effective way of addressing some issues I’ve faced over the years & it’s silly to let a useful tool like that rust.

The second option, this one, is that I make it known that I will be absenting myself. 

I’m not sure if it will be for a little while or a longer while. Perhaps next week the fire will be lit & I’ll revisit my blogging to bang on about something new. Or perhaps it won't. It doesn’t really matter what will happen next. It just matters that for now I’m giving myself to other things, & that although I’m not as active here as I once was, this blog hasn’t stagnated. 

I’ve made a decision, and I’m making it known, because I think decisions are important.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What I've been meaning to do....

Y'know how time races away? And that mental list of projects or intentions becomes confuzzled with the meandering of daily life? That's happened to me lately.

Y'see, I've been meaning to do a few things - blog, clean the oven, sign something or another in my in-tray, & thin out the books in my shelves. But. Instead, I've been enjoying my break from work with various new & temporary addictions that include watching box-sets (that Don Draper is so dreamy in the earlier seasons of Mad Men, but he's frustratingly weird in the finale), seeing how well my sewing machine fares after spending donkeys in storage, & bang on to my family about what a good person I am for getting up early for a vigorous morning stroll.

Anyhow. I just thought I'd pop in, write a quick post, & see if that's sufficient to draw me back in to the more regular bloggy ramblings.

We'll see how that fares.